Last Updated: 1st January 2008

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Changes To These Terms

We may change our Terms of Use without notice. Please check back on a regular basis. If you do not agree to the changes made, please leave now. You must not breech obvious rules even if they are not included on this page. The dates of the last update can be found at the top of this page.

Intellectual Property

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By sharing contributions with, including any text, photographs, images, graphics, video or audio, you agree to grant us permission to use or edit the material free of charge. The copyright will always remain with you, but contributions you submit must be your own work.


By using the forums you must agree to the forum rules. These general rules also apply to the chat.

Your Account

You must not create multiple accounts with the intention of disrupting, annoying or imitating other community members. You must not use any form of proxy to disguise your identity. Failure to comply with this may result in action taken against all of your accounts.

You must use a valid email address when registering, and it must remain valid at all times. Your account will be removed immediately if you use an undesirable or invalid address. You may use hotmail, gmail or any other popular and desirable services. We may ask you to re-validate your email if it is invalid.

You must not include any undesirable information or content in your account. This includes your username, any external websites you link to and the images you use in your avatar and signature. External links are only allowed if the website is personal and non-commercial.

We reserve the right to remove, ban or suspend your account at any time without notice.


Do not reveal any personal details or information about yourself or anyone else. This includes your phone number, postal address, home address or any other details that could personally identify you.

For Those Under 13

You must have consent from a parent or guardian before taking part in the community. As stated above, never reveal your personal information about yourself. COPPA.